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Tsavorite by TwistedUnicorn
Steven Universe is a great show. Great enough that I got inspired to make an OC for it. As silly as it feels to do so.

Steven Universe, so far as the gem species that forms its main cast go, present some problems from a fan character perspective; for one thing, there are the usual issues with making OCs, but these aren't so bad given most gems are off in space, and presumably spread wide across the universe, which makes finding a "place" that's both not stupidly irrelevant and not shoved anywhere near canon characters easy. More importantly, there aren't all that many gems to base a character on. I chose Tsavorite as a gem prior to doing a casual google of "Tsavorite Steven Universe," but I never really expected it to be unclaimed, and indeed, there were a number of immediate OC results when I did eventually make the search.

Feeling original can be a bit tricky when there are, by the very nature of the show's presented species, any created gem character is going to have one of a limited pool of names, and after that, a limited pool of corresponding colors. That being said, some of Jasper's comments--namely referring to some of the crystal gems as "an [insert gem here]"--imply that there really are just a bunch of "repeat" gems. And really, it kind of makes the subtle variations more interesting. Or boring, and hard to make matter. Your call. I fall somewhere in between. The concept of making a gem OC feels both stupid and immensely fascinating to me.

And with that little ramble done, a bit about this OC. She's left still uncolored, both because I lack any means to color her (I rarely art, and when I do, never beyond sketches), and because the OC herself is unfinished. She's likely going to be dark green, and I was considering various shades of dark purple for her clothes, with pink or red for her hair. The belts on her clothing are black, as are the stripes (unless they end up being some shade of grey). Her gem is located on her right shoulder--this reflects a lack of balance in her personality. Also, it's not a location I imagined would be all that common, unlike the head, which was my second thought (hell, that's the only spot that's been used twice just in canon). Her weapon is a dark green halberd. She's a strange mix of qualities; laid back and lazy, but inclined toward anxiety and demanding of strict order in things. Admiring of nature, other life, and simple experiences, all of which other gems find pointless (things like eating, sleeping, and native fauna), but immensely fond of the gem homeworld and fully supportive of their action in the universe. I imagined her job as either being some form of scientist--an engineer or biologist especially--or a doctor, or a disciplinary officer/law enforcer. Not really that decided on things, as should be clear.
Hungry Eyes by TwistedUnicorn
Hungry Eyes
Feeling aimless today, so I drew a sketch of my OC Aberrant. I'm not sure how accurately I represented his hair, but I do like how it turned out.

I would say the mouths in place of an eye symbolize predatory intent or something of the like, but uh.
It doesn't.
The character just has mouths in place of their eyes sometimes.
They're weird like that.


Artist | Literature
United States
A critic and a cynic, lover of the dark and depraved, an unskilled artist, and a moderately more skilled writer. That's about all I got.
Music meme taken from Miss-Bow. I am bored. Why not.

Rules: Put your playlist on shuffle and answer the questions with the title of the song playing.
And two other things I'm just ignoring.

Questions (and, well, answers):

How are you feeling today?
Whitefall/Book—Greg Edmonson.
Uuuuuuh.... like I'm entering a whimsical western that then becomes hostile. I guess.

Where will you arrive in your life?
Diamond Eyes—Shinedown
A warzone.

How do your friends see you?
Leave it Alone –Disturbed
Well then.

Will you get married?
Eye of the Tiger – Survivor
After a hunt. Or maybe a training montage.

What song fits your best friend?
Without You – Three Days Grace
Apparently they value me a lot. Like. A LOT.
Which is weird, considering how they also try to leave me alone... Hmm.

How's your life?
N/a Ok – USS
Guess I'm not A-okay right now.

What's your philosophy?
The Animal—Disturbed
Restrain your inner beast until it takes control and leads you to destroy everything. Yes. Sounds about right. Generally a good policy.
I'd add a bit more nihilism, though~

What's your friends' strong point?
Evil Angel—Breaking Benjamin
Being angelic and pure companions in the worst of environments. And also occasionally a bit cruel.
Lovely friends I have, so far. My kinda people~

How does everyone see you?
I Am Human—Van Canto
As a human. Well, that's a relief. I thought they saw me as a giant cabbage.

Will your life be happy?
The Downfall of Us All—A Day to Remember
Well, apparently I somehow doom everyone. So. 
Yes it will.

How do your friends really see you?
100 Doses—Cliff Martinez
As a hundred doses. Now, the question becomes, of what?

People who secretly desire you?
Paint the Seconds—Chevelle
Weird, artistic people into blending and fusing.
Well then. X'D

How can you be happy?
Getting Away With Murder—Papa Roach
I have nothing to say.
Just. Nothing.
...How did they know...?

Will you have children?
Perfect Insanity—Disturbed
Either the implication is that the implication is madness, or those kids are gonna be traaaaumatiiiiiiiized~

What's your biggest secret?
The Diary of Jane—Breaking Benjamin
Jane's Diary, of course.
I had to steal it to use as mine since mine was stolen, necessitating its remote destruction.

What's your worst enemy's song?
Rip Tide—Sick Puppies
Apparently my worst enemy is a dangerous bit of water by the title, or a rebellious punk sort who lives by their own rules by meaning. 

What's your personality?
Feuer Frei—Rammstein
"Fire at Will," in german. Apparently I'm free willed and unrestrained.
God, my unrestrained will must be really apathetic...

The song they'll play at your wedding is...
A song about ugliness, wishing for beauty, and seeing true beauty inside. Interesting.

The song they'll play at your funeral is...
The Logical Song—Supertramp
Apparently my imagination and sense of wonder was crushed by the system, making me a terrible, logical cynic. Hmmm. 
But I thought I was an imaginative, wonder-loving sort of logical cynic!

What's your talent?
Don't Tell Anyone—Cliff Martinez
Keepin' secrets~

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